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    A Marriage Officer is an individual appointed by the Town Board to perform marriage ceremonies within the Town of Spafford.


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    Town Clerk
    Town Clerk 
    Lisa Valletta     
    Notary Public ~ Passports ~ Records Access/Mngmt Officer 

    Deputy Town Clerk
    Kimberly Read    
        ~ Notary Public ~ Building Dept. Clerk ~ Planning Board and ZBA Secretary 

    (315) 673-4144 office                                                         
    FAX (315) 673-9835

    Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    Thursday and Saturday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    Or by appointment...


    MARRIAGE LICENSES must be obtained at least 24 hours before but no more than 60 days before the ceremony. The fee for a marriage license issued in the Town of Spafford is $45, (includes one Certified Transcript).  Please bring: original or certified copy of your birth certificate, your driver's license, and, if applicable, your most recent divorce documents.  We appreciate appointments.

     NOTARY PUBLIC -  Both my Deputy and I are Notary Publics and are available during office hours. This is a free service. 
    HANDICAP PARKING TAGS - upon presentation of a completed application, a tag for use by "mobility handicapped" persons is available for issuance for up to a 3 year period. This tag hangs over the rear view mirror of the vehicle. There is no fee for a handicap parking tag.
    DOG LICENSES - Dog licensing is administered by the Town. The license fee for spayed/neutered dogs will be $7.50 each; unspayed/unneutered dog licenses will be $15 each.  Rabies vaccination certificates and spay/neuter certificates, if applicable, are required for licensing.  Dog owners who are Senior Citizens (65 years of age or older) will receive a 50% discount on the license fee. 
         All procedures for the licensing of dogs remain in compliance with State regulations.  A State fee for Animal Population Control is included in the license fees listed above.
         NUISANCE DOG COMPLAINT - Click this link if you desire to file a formal complaint on a nuisance dog, or you may pick up the necessary forms at my office.
    CONSERVATION LICENSES - (Oct. 1 - Sept 30.) The DECALS system changed at the beginning of 2014.  "Combination" licenses (such as the Sportsman license) are no longer available.  All priveleges must be purchased separately.  The new structure does result in a small savings on the regular license fees.  ALSO, fishing licenses are valid for a full year from date of purchase.  Please visit NYS DEC for the fees schedule. 
    PASSPORTS - You must be a U.S. citizen to apply for a passport. Applications can be executed in this office. Bring the necessary documents: original or certified copy of birth certificate (it must have a raised seal), your driver's license, and a passport photo. These are required for both Passport Books and Passport Cards. Passport Cards are for land and water travel ONLY. They cannot be used for air travel. Payment by check or money order to the U.S. Department of State is due when you submit your application.  The Execution fee of $25 payable to the Town of Spafford is also due at the time of application. 
    COPIES - The copy machine is available for public use during office hours. The fee is $0.25 per page. 
    It may interest you to know the following items are also available in this office:
    • County/Town tax exemption forms
    • School tax exemption forms
    • Voter registration forms
    • Absentee ballot applications
    • Directory of small businesses in Spafford
    • Reflective address signs  (sold on behalf of Borodino Fire Dept.)
    The office of Spafford Town Clerk also includes the responsibility of:
    • secretary to the Town Board by recording and maintaining the minutes of each Town Board meeting. 
    • publish legal notices for hearings, bids, meetings.
    • handle correspondence and filings as needed for the Town Board.
    • issue permits and maintain permit records for the Transfer Station
    • maintain the usage schedule for the community meeting room.
    • keep the financial records on all Building Department activity as well as the financial records for the Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Board.
    • process all bills for submission to the Town Board for approval of payment.
    • day to day business of the Town, such as providing answers or who to contact for information if it is available.


    Email requests for records from the Town of Spafford should be directed to

    Please clearly describe the record(s) and the reason for your request. Electronic requests for records will be responded to via email. If the requested record is in an electronic format, or if the necessary equipment for creating an electronic copy of the record is immediately available, it will be transmitted via email unless the applicant clearly requests physical copies and the necessary fees are paid. If physical copies are requested, there is a fee of $0.25 per page copied.

    Under the Freedom of Information guidelines, the Records Officer is allowed five business days to respond to a request. Any person denied access to records may appeal the denial within 30 days of the denial. Such appeals should be addressed to the Supervisor of the Town of Spafford, 1984 Route 174, Skaneateles, NY 13152.

    F.O.I.L. Requests for Judiciary Documents: Judiciary documents are not subject to F.O.I.L. The Uniform Justice Court Act and Judiciary Law provide access to some records. Written requests are to be made directly to the Town Justice Office, 1984 Route 174, Skaneateles, NY 13152.


    Copyright 2006

    updated May 17, 2017

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